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Rates & Services

My services are all-inclusive with straightforward pricing and no expectation of you adding a tip at the end. Multiple modalities, tools, and techniques may be used to get the end result we are after; pain relief! 

I recommended new clients book a 90 minute session where we will do a full postural assessment and charting beforehand to uncover potention root causes and see how you're body is compensating. Please wear tighter fitting athletic wear to your appointment so that we can get the most accurate reading of your body.

Office at Cotee River Therapeutic Massage

In-Office Sessions

30 Minutes - $70

60 Minutes - $140

90 Minutes - $200

120 Minutes - $250

Mobile (Outcall) Massage

Outcall (Mobile) Sessions

60 Minutes - $160

90 Minutes - $230

120 Minutes - $280

Save 10% Discounts on Packages of 3 or 6 sessions!

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